We are laying some basic guidelines to make this a productive group and request your support in regulating this budding community.

• Please refrain from discussions on politics or religion. We have enough to divide us already. The goal is to stay united in this fight against child sexual abuse

Do not use abusive language

No condescending behaviour. While we understand that some individuals may have had “worse” experiences than others; please keep in mind that each person’s experience with CSA is probably their worst experience too. • Maintain the privacy of fellow members. Trust is key to the growth and strength of this community. For severely confidential topics, we will be opening up a private chat group as well, where members can contribute anonymously.

No marketing of personal businesses or other organisations, unless directly relevant to the fight against child sexual abuse. Most of us have been a part of WhatsApp and Facebook groups that have quickly spiralled into a personal marketing hell hole. Let that not happen here too

• No Good Morning / Good Evening / Happy Weekend / or any such wishes of such a high frequency. Same reasoning as above. Festive wishes are fine, but no one needs a daily or weekly wish.

Any material/information/articles/content produced by/ for this group cannot be replicated, copied (in whole or parts) or used without prior permission from the facilitators of this group. Do not attempt to conduct the Rubaroo programs with children without prior training from Rubaroo. More damage than good can come out of this. All trainings must be conducted only by Rubaroo-trained personnel only. Once you are certified by Rubaroo, you can conduct Rubaroo’s programs with children, using our material.

• The admin reserves the right to ban users not following these rules. While we hate the idea of sounding this authoritative, we hope you understand our need to set these guidelines in place.

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