Being a small team of survivors, we strongly believe that there are many more survivors out there, ; who are willing to support our work. Over the coming months we will request this Survivor Network to:

a) Help us identify groups of children or parents that may need training in dealing with child sexual abuse.
b) Help us brainstorm on way forward to keep fighting this plague
c) Contribute, wherever possible-, original articles, curated articles, graphics, films, or even campaign ideas.

We are a small team and do not have the infrastructure or the hands to fight child sexual abuse ourselves. We need your help.

Join The Fight Now


We are unable to pay you for your contributions. We are seeking your help as volunteers, to fight this battle because:
a) statistically, one in two children in India suffer from child sexual abuse
b) thousands, if not millions of offenders, are invisible in front of us, in plain sight
c) we need to educate the masses to prevent potential future offenders from ever becoming offenders